perfumarte PERFUMES

.- In Perfumarte you can find more than 130 woman´s perfumes and 50 man´s perfumes of high quality.
Our perfumes are commercialized in the new sealed SPARES, avoiding their manipulation, adapting to the current normative, offering a perfume with a guarantee quality and being eco-friendly.
The perfumes are classified in olfactory families, and in our shops you can find a system which is used as a guide to the customer experiment with the fragrances and discover the perfume which adapt to his style and personality.
We innovate constantly and we offer to our customers new products with the greatest quality guarantee.


There are perfumes for every pleasure and kinds of life. In Perfumarte we classify the fragrances in the next olfactory families:



These perfumes are made up with citrus fruits such as bergamota, grapefruit, lemon, orange, linked to orange blossom and neroli. They are outlined by their freshness and lightness.


Cyprus (Chipre):

They are composed of oak and patchily moss. Perfumes of a strong character.



The flowers´ fragrances give us a wide range of creations, from an only aroma to a lush bouquet. Aromatics, jasmine, green, roses, violets, lilies of the valley, and a lot of flower possibilities.



Sweet and warm, musk, vanilla and amber are the matters which they use to base with exotic flowers and species. To the masculine perfumes we use to attach tobacco and woods.



They are based of fruit aromas, with a fresh and light character, they are hesperide notes, such as bergamota, orange, lemon and they are complemented with some special notes.



The perfumes of a wood hearth are based of spearmint, patchouli, cedar and vetiver, they use to be elegance and dry aromas.