Scented ceramic


.- It is a novelty in the ambience of small spaces. You can use it with great durability for drawers, cupboards and small spaces.

You can find different aromas that cover all olfactory tastes, from soap to floral scents.

Air freshener spray

.- Air freshener for spray, ideal for confined spaces. To preserve the aroma longer, it may be sprayed on wood, textile surfaces as curtains, draperies, etc.

They are made with natural products that respect the environment.

You can enjoy, among others, of aromas such as berries, cinnamon vanilla, jasmine, clean clothes, spa, cinnamon Orange, etc.

Car freshener.

.- Freshener made of natural essences, which keeps the inside of the car with a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance. Its comfortable design makes handling simple, once removed the inner stopper, must only turn it occasionally and wet rope pulling to one side and another to enjoy the aroma.

Scented bag.

.- Place them in your closets to release an intense, lasting aroma. You will find a thousand and one applications more like drawers, vacuum cleaner, cars, caravans and any small enclosed space.


.- The MIKADO freshener, made from natural essences, is a type of air freshener which are added rods functioning as an aroma diffuser, when wet and airflow aroma is distributed around the room. Para lograr una mayor intensidad de aroma se recomienda darle vuelta a los palitos varias veces por semana.

Scented Candle.

.- Collection of aromatic candles with a longer duration of 40 hours. Available in glass tumblers with an exclusive design.